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Why does bullying happen in schools

2018-05-15 03:12:23

School bullying happens frequently, many people do not understand, what is wrong with today's children, why do they want to bully others?


School bullying


Campus bullying will not only exist for a period of time, nor only happen in a certain era, it should always exist, but there was no platform exposure before, and many messages were completely inaccessible to ordinary people.


The phenomenon of campus bullying is mostly related to the gap, the height difference, the age difference, the study is good or bad, these may become incentives, and some even do not need reasons at all.


Many bullies have suffered psychological trauma, such as family atmosphere, long-term violence, or they have been bullied, and the shadow caused by childhood began to erupt after growing up.


The lack of family affection, parents rarely accompany, and children who are almost not concerned, have not been loved, naturally will not love others, more unlikely to have compassion, when the rebel period comes, any other weak may be taken as the object of anger.


A child with a strong personality, who sees a weak and introverted child, will treat others as his punching bag once his emotions break out, and there is no need for bullying reasons, because no one has taught him how to do the right thing. In their life path, the role of guide is missing.


Every step of the child's growth, parents play a vital role, if you decide to have a child, be sure to teach him, love him, accompany him, born without raising, raising without teaching, will only add a burden to society. Don't let your child become a bully.

Matters needing attention

Care for children