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Which risk factor of each type of continuous casting is high

2018-03-19 03:12:12

In our steelmaking continuous casting section, there are many high risk positions, so which positions are high risk factors below we will analyze


High-risk jobs


Continuous casting


The main types of steel continuous casting are: large contract worker/cylinder worker/hydraulic worker/finishing worker/master control room operator.


Large contractor: This position at the highest point of the continuous casting machine has to deal with ladle every day, and the main job is to switch the ladle nozzle. Measure the temperature of tundish and ladle and control the flow rate of molten steel. High risk factor.


Cylinder puller: This post is between the tundish and the mould. The main work content is to switch the flow mouth and flow rate of tundish, and clean up the steel slag in the mold. High risk factor.


Hydraulic: This position is in the hydraulic chamber under the continuous casting machine. The main work content is to switch hydraulic machinery, adjust the size of hydraulic pressure to ensure the normal operation and maintenance of hydraulic press. Low risk factor.


Finisher: This position is the last process of continuous casting. The main work content is to operate the cutting machine to cut the billet into finished billet as required and put it neatly. Low risk factor.


Master control room operator: This position is mainly suitable for girls. The main work content is to load molten steel in front of the furnace, calculate the production volume, and help the captain and the work transfer of various positions. Low risk factor.


Among them was the captain. Big bag class leader. The middleman. Finishing squad leader. And so on, low - and mid-level cadres are rarely directly promoted, which is not specific. I hope my experience will be helpful to you. Good luck with your work.