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Where is it? Are there really wild people out there?

2018-02-18 11:12:00

There are wild men in the legend, and it is particularly famous. Are there savages? The answer is that there is no conclusive evidence yet. Then why do they say there are savages there?


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From a long time ago, there have been legends of wild men, so it has always given people a very mysterious feeling. Although this legend has been around for a long time, there is no conclusive evidence yet.


Chinese and foreign scientists have made such a conclusion that it is one of the most suitable places on earth for the survival of wild people. In this long history of legend, it is natural that someone is exploring.


In several large-scale field expeditions, people have collected hundreds of possible hairs and hundreds of footprints left by wild men, but no one has been able to provide images of wild men.


Therefore, to this day, there is not enough convincing evidence to prove the existence of wild people.


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In the development of society to the present day, there really will be savage living in a corner. What will people do to wild people when they find them in fantasy?

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