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What's the best way to cook a dog's head

2018-01-01 08:00:00
Huaiqi stew dog's head is a very tonic food for various reasons caused by the body deficiency, kidney essence deficiency 脶 and low qi anemia and other diseases have a very good conditioning and tonic effect. Therefore, some people who are weak and often sick may wish to eat more dog meat during the recuperation period, which is the nutritional value of dog meat.
Food ingredient

Dog head meat 4000g


Wormwood leaf 50g


Yams 40g


Angelica 25g


Goji berries 30g


Ham 30g


Water chestnut biqi 100g


Orange peel 2g


Cooking: dog skin with fire to fluffy, put in warm water to shave hair pile impurities, cut in half, take out the dog brain, wash the blood water, put in the pot to add wheat grass, egg shell, wormwood, water boiled after washing, pour the sewage.


Stew crisp: Put the washed dog's head into the pot, add water, Huai yam, berries, angelica, tangerine peel, ham, water chestnut meat, bring to a boil with high heat, skim off the foam and oil, that is, turn to a gentle heat, cook the dog's head and take it out, remove the bones, cut the skin into pieces and put it on a plate.


Steaming: Put the water chestnut meat and ham in the stew tray first, and then put the dog's head cut into pieces on the water chestnut. Wash Huai yam, berries on the surface, add the original soup, soup, cover the cage steamed for about 1 hour, put in salt, MSG, the original cup served

Matters needing attention

There is no need to add another tonic because dog meat itself has a great tonic effect on the human body


If there is too little water in the stew process, heat the water properly