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What are the world's top perfumes

2018-02-19 08:00:00

The big-name perfumes that fill duty-free and shopping counters at international airports have successfully attracted consumers' attention and become the mainstream of the perfume industry because of their exquisite packaging, big-name spokespersons and high-profile marketing strategies. However, "limited edition" is definitely a few, the world's top perfume, will not be available.


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Clive Christian The most expensive perfume in the world is Clive Christian. This famous British perfume brand, since its establishment, has been dedicated to serving the British high society, and has been licensed to use a crown as its logo because of a perfume that is Queen Victoria's characteristic. Today, even its ordinary perfume, but also to more than 2,000 dollars, due to the use of superior materials, only 1000 bottles per year production, destined to be the fragrance of the Ferrari, can only be owned by a few people.


Annick Goutal Annick Goutal is an eponymous salon perfume brand founded by French fashion model and pianist Goutal in 1981. Movie stars and members of the royal family are admirers of the ultimate perfume. Annick Goutal's perfume bottle is a perfect match for the charming fragrance that wafts around.


Penhaligon's Penhaligon's, a fine perfume brand from the United Kingdom, was founded in 1860 by Penhaligon's, the Queen's own perfumer, and has two long-standing royal certifications, awarded by the Duke of Edinburgh in 1956 and the Prince of Wales in 1988. Penhaligon's perfume is colorful, and the perfume bottle design is noble and unique, each one will be paired with a bow at the neck.


Acqua Di Parma began in 1916 in the cultural city of Parma, Italy. Acqua di Parma's founders wanted to transform the sunny Mediterranean atmosphere into a perfume, creating the famous Colonia cologne with its citrusy scent. Until then, the most popular fragrance for men had originated in Germany. Colonia Cologne represents the dawn of a new era. In the last century, Acqua Di Parma has been the "water of The Times" with its unique charm, and many Hollywood stars have expressed their favorite cologne is Colonia.


Creed Creed, founded in 1760, is one of the oldest perfumes that is still loved by people. Creed has always adhered to the ancient aromatherapy distillation technology, strict selection of top spices, elegant and crazy at the same time, is Europe and the United States royalty, politicians, celebrities favorite luxury fragrance. Creed will only accept 15 private orders a year, starting at $30,000, and customers must renew at least once over a five-year period. For more than 250 years, Creed perfumes have been passed on from one generation to the next, and to date 240 private and public perfumes have been developed, each one legendary.


Floris like other top perfumes, Floris also has an unparalleled history of glory, the founder began the perfume design in 1730 at 89 Jermyn Street, because a selection of rose and geranium fragrance blend laid its position in the perfume world. After eight generations, the brand is still run by the family. Today, Floris is the Queen's special perfume and Prince Charles' special toiletries. In addition to perfumes, Floris now offers aromatherapy products, moisturizers and soaps, representing traditional British fashion culture.