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What are the auto insurance strategies

2018-02-19 17:36:00

No matter what kind of car you buy, car insurance is always inevitable, and it also requires some skill. So, what are the auto insurance strategies?


Choose insurance to shop around should choose to have legal qualifications, good reputation and auto insurance products cost-effective insurance. Understand the content of auto insurance services and the extent of insurance liability, and the coverage area of insurance business institutions or service networks, and choose an insurance product that suits you. According to the main driving area of the vehicle, driving technology and habits, frequency of use, vehicle safety performance, maintenance status to determine the insurance type, insurance amount, liability limit. For example, the vehicle driving area is large, may drive out of the city or province, or have the habit of driving fast and burning the night, the amount of vehicle third party liability insurance should choose 200,000 yuan or more. Vehicles are mainly for commuting, life use, good car condition, high value, no time to understand car insurance products in detail, directly to the local city insurance business institutions insurance is more economical.


The selection of insurance agents to see the three certificates should choose a professional qualification certificate, exhibition certificate and signed a formal agency contract with the insurance agent. It is also necessary to understand the parts of the motor vehicle insurance clauses involving compensation liability and rights and obligations to prevent individual agents from unilaterally exaggerating the product protection function and avoiding the contents of the clauses such as liability exemption.


Before choosing insurance products, we should understand our own risks and characteristics, and choose the risk protection required by individuals according to the actual situation. Ask whether the motor vehicle insurance terms purchased have been approved by the CIRC, whether the insurance has explained the exclusions, and whether additional insurance is provided to cover the exclusions. Pay attention to whether the rate is consistent with the rate approved by the insurance Regulatory Commission, and understand the insurance rate preferential provisions and the provisions of no loss preferential treatment. Generally, the insurance premium is higher for products with more comprehensive insurance coverage; Products with less insurance liability have lower premiums.


When purchasing motor vehicle insurance, consumers should truthfully inform the insurance of the situation directly related to the insurance risk; The contents specified in the application form should be truthfully filled in, and the contents should be checked to see if they are completely consistent with the relevant contents of the application form after obtaining the insurance form; The insurance policy, insurance card, invoice, premium invoice and other relevant important documents should be properly insured, so as to provide the basis for claim settlement in time of risk.