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What anti-virus software can protect the computer?

2018-05-14 17:36:52

Many people ask me, what kill soft good, I can only say "each has its own merits", and then ha ha actually kill soft I still have some personal opinions,

Various slicing

[Kaspersky Lab] At the beginning of the mention of this kill soft giant, is really the town, this is a paid anti-virus software, [hear you exclaim: Although there is a free unlimited trial patch on the Internet, it will still pop up paying tips, looking uncomfortable, very annoying antivirus effect needless to say, or I am big Jay to speak, but too cruel... The author downloaded a lot of modified Hosts bat files before, directly deleted by him, even say hello, although you can recover, unavoidable trouble


[Anti-virus] These two software believe that everyone has heard, the interface is very refreshing, and it seems that I spent how much money to buy Kaspersky virus library, sincerity is there, the effect, everyone try it. The function of three active defense, real-time monitoring, independent investigation and killing I can use it, mainly like the interface.


[360 Security guard /360 antivirus] Large numbers, although the killing effect is good, but also known as "permanent free", to use I can only ha ha, I believe everyone understands. 360 claimed that he has always been to "not theft of user privacy" ha ha ha ha ha ha, I don't speed up the computer 】 【 swear seriously, all kinds of function is good as long as you are not afraid of privacy bundled software not malicious tracking afraid of slow computer CPU card not being a joke not condemning blasting with it, Pretty good hehe hehe I still don't swear


This article is based on experience


[Poison Bully] (the author used it because it was bundled with some software, ha ha I still do not blame) The combination of heuristic search, code analysis, virtual machine virus detection and other mature and reliable anti-virus technology proved by the industry, so that it can reach the world's advanced level in various aspects of virus detection and killing, virus detection and killing speed, and unknown virus prevention and control. At the same time, the virus bully has a number of advanced functions such as real-time monitoring of the virus firewall, compressed file virus detection, email virus detection and killing. Like a 360, huh? Huh? Huh? I didn't swear


[AntiVir] This is a good kill soft, you can try, it will not always report poison like kaba, it is very useful, but it takes up a little bit of memory. The free version is available, but it doesn't have as many features as the paid version. Billed as the industry's premier anti-virus suite, I think it's not that much of an exaggeration, but this software is truly first-class anti-virus software, it can detect and remove more than 80,000 viruses, support online updates. (Say 360 also has a little red umbrella kernel hehe hehe)


【Avast!】 First-class free anti-virus software, has a history of decades, it has been in a leading position in foreign markets. The free version also has many features, including file system protection, web protection, mail protection, network protection, P2P protection, instant message protection, behavior protection, script protection. But you need to register once a year (free of charge)