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Website production process

2018-05-14 14:24:46

For a novice who wants to have their own website, how to do it is a problem. Of course, you can go to a blog or somewhere else to apply for a free personal page, this is the most convenient and practical solution. But how do you make a great website yourself? Here I make a brief introduction to the process of web design and website production:


1. Customers put forward their basic needs for website construction through, MSN, etc. 2, the customer to provide relevant information (introduction, project description, basic functional requirements of the website, basic design requirements, relevant reference website domain name) to do site reference.


1. Both parties shall negotiate, modify and supplement the content of website construction to reach a consensus. 2. Both parties shall determine the specific details and price of the construction plan.


1. Both parties sign the Website Construction Agreement. 2. Customer pays 40% prepayment. 3, the customer to provide website related content information (introduction, product information, product pictures, methods, etc.). 4, we assist customers to register domain names.


1, according to the "Website construction Agreement", complete the first draft design (including home page style, channel style, promotion keywords, prominent content, etc.). 2. The customer reviews the draft design, confirms the draft design, and freezes the draft design scheme. 3. We complete the overall website production and test according to the agreement and scheme.


Website testing, customer Internet browsing, acceptance 1. The customer shall test and accept the website according to the agreement. 2. Acceptance, customers pay the balance, the website officially opened. 3. For the customer enterprise post office, agency website record, submit search engines, sort out the relevant website account password sent to the customer to save.