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Ways and means of collecting ancient furniture

2018-01-01 04:48:00
Chinese ancient furniture has a supreme position in the history of furniture in the world, and in the hot land of China, it is a furniture culture that has been accompanied by People's Daily life. It is this furniture culture, over the years, people have carried out a large number of deep studies in the scientific theory of ancient furniture, traditional skills, folk folk concepts and art, so that traditional ancient furniture has formed a folk art fine culture that must be protected and has the value of appreciation and collection. Ways and means of collecting ancient furniture. It is gradually enriched in the environmental conditions of the market economy. Certain ways and methods can guide collectors to aim at the collection target. The characteristics of furniture are an important part of the collection method. 1. The form of furniture must be distinguished from various styles, Ming style, Qing style, combined type, Tibetan style, Western style, traditional style, etc. 2. Furniture structure. Furniture structure is gradually developing with the progress of technology and the changes in the needs of the living environment. There are differences in the structure of furniture in various historical periods. Ming and Qing furniture seams are very particular people will see whether it is strict. However, the width of the table panel and the door panel is not deformed when the ingredients are two or three pieces, people generally can not see. It is necessary to understand some knowledge of traditional craft.3. The local characteristics of furniture have certain differences in economic conditions, wood sources, cultural environment and folk customs. So it is helpful to remind people to know some habits of traditional folk customs. 4. Understanding of the differences in furniture making techniques and artistic techniques. This aspect is more difficult, because the traditional technology of each method, each has its own characteristics, oral instruction, the level of craftsmanship is different, only familiar with some woodworking skills knowledge to identify the real goods. 5. Whether the furniture has been repaired will affect the value of the furniture to a certain extent, but highly simulated maintenance can make the furniture more value-added. 6. Reasonable identification of paint coating pulp and other aspects is the basis for measuring the "quality" of furniture. In short, the way is guiding, the key people into the collection industry, if the content of the book really learn more, more comprehensive grasp and participate in practice, appreciation and collection will have benefits.