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Travel guide.

2018-02-19 04:48:00

Is one of the ten mountains of China, famous historical scenery of a long time, beautiful scenery, fragrant hills, beautiful sunset red, heard that everything here is very magical and subtle, and finally want to browse, this is looking forward to buying train tickets, with good dry goods, on the back of the bag want to start this.



Travel guide


Just at the foot of the foot, a glance to look, feel not high, with our young system afraid of a few hours to be able to reach, at the bottom of the mountain is to ask the local people, when to climb the right time, the local people say they want to see the sunrise, it is best to climb at night. Wait until the top of the mountain when you can see the sunrise, however, we do not believe that others say that you can climb to the top of the mountain in a few hours, to the top of the mountain can also live and rest to see the sunrise, but the fact is often the opposite of reality.


We started climbing around noon, watching and climbing. Wait until we up to 1/3 of the way, it rained heavily, at this time we are not only sad, will not be soaked in the rain, we are not prepared for the rain gear, just when the trot saw the small shop selling raincoats, bought 5 dollars raincoat to continue to move forward, too expensive raincoat will not buy, because the rain is not long, and so on can move forward.


When climbing the mountain, it is best to take less, because the distance is very far, it is not cost-effective to take a big push of things at the foot, you can buy some food on the halfway, it is not particularly expensive, and bring some dry food to supplement energy.


There are cable cars to the top of the mountain when climbing, but it is very meaningless, it is recommended that you can take the cable car tour when going down the mountain, because the mountain has been exhausted, has no strength to go down the mountain, at this time the cable car can let us not so tired.


Some of the stairs are very steep, people with serious fear of heights is best to pay attention, can not be careless, when to the top of the mountain is still 12 o 'clock at night, on our stop-and-go journey, climbing to the top of the mountain is midnight, only a few hours from the sunrise time, just a little time to rest and maintain good spirits, do not need to book a room on the mountain.


It will be very cold on the top of the mountain, so you must rent cotton clothes to wear when you go to the mountain, and sit on the top of the mountain until the sun rises. In the morning 3-4, it is necessary to watch the edge of the cliff to sit and wait for the sunrise, because the sunrise time is only 5 minutes, missed time is equal to you wait for the time all wasted, after watching the sunrise 5 minutes, you can go down the cliff, eat breakfast on the mountain, and then go down the mountain, this trip, can only say "unforgettable".

Matters needing attention

Be sure to be safe when you climb the mountain!


Some personal experiences to share with you.