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The skin of Netheus in League of Legends and its price

2017-12-31 19:12:00
The q of Nether in the League of Legends can grow indefinitely, so it also attracts many players who want to accumulate more damage and can maximize their output in the later period. Since his debut, Nethers has accumulated a lot of skin, and of course, there is no shortage of skin that has been pulled from the shelves. Today, let's tell you about Nethers skin and its associated price.



League of Legends game


Star Gate: Nethers The skin is priced at 3,900 points in the mall, which is 39 yuan. There is no special effect on the skill, and it is also a cheaper one in its current skin, which can be considered by players who like it.


Pharaoh Dynasty: Nethers The skin has been removed from the store, where it was previously sold for 6,900 vouchers, or 69 yuan. There are no special effects on skills, and players can now earn them through raffle type activities.


Death Knight: Nethers The skin has been removed from the store, and was previously sold for 4,500 coupons, or 45 yuan. No special effects on skills. It can be obtained through portals, etc.


Police demo K-9: Limited skin in Neathers Mall, available for purchase during a special time period, priced at 6,900 points, that is, 69 yuan. There are no special effects on the skills, and the model and feel of the game are still very good.


Purgatory Hound: Nethers This skin is a higher quality skin in its skin, full of special effects in its skills, and the sound is very different from other skins. The price in the mall is 9,900 points, or 99 yuan. Preferred players can also be considered.


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The price of the skin in the mall is 4900 points, or 49 yuan. The skill is full special effects, the price is more affordable, cost-effective.


Beichen Wei: Nethers years series skin, skills for full special effects, can be purchased in a special period of time, the price is 17900 points, that is, 179 yuan.

Matters needing attention

The skin is fine, but don't obsess over it


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