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Rio 2016 Olympic women's volleyball group

2018-05-15 01:36:53

This year's Chinese Women's Volleyball team will have what kind of performance, according to the earlier training situation, I believe that the girls of the Chinese Women's volleyball team have been ready for the battle. Then there is the situation of women's volleyball grouping. Indeed, the difference of grouping has a great impact on the final result. Here is a look at the situation of women's volleyball grouping in the 2016 Rio Olympic Games.


Rio, the Olympics, women's volleyball.

Rio 2016 Olympic Games women's volleyball

Women's volleyball Group A: Brazil, Japan, Russia, South Korea, Cameroon, Argentina. Group B: China, United States, Serbia, Netherlands, Puerto Rico, Italy.


Women's volleyball ranked 1 in the world, USA 2, China 3, Brazil 4, Russia 5, Japan 6, Serbia 8, Italy 9, South Korea 12, Argentina 14, Netherlands 16, Puerto Rico 21, Cameroon


According to the regulations of the Women's volleyball project, two of the six groups need to be eliminated in the group stage, and the winning four groups will advance to the top eight. Combined with the ranking of each country's women's volleyball in the world, it can be expected that Brazil and Russia in Group A have a high probability of promotion, and China and the United States in Group B have to solve the competition from the same group's fierce rivals before they successfully qualify.


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China Women's Volleyball Schedule 2016.08.06 22:35 China - Netherlands. 2016.08.08 20:30 China - Italy. 2016.08.10 20:30 China - Puerto Rico. 2016.08.12 20:30 China - Serbia. 2016.08.14 04:15 China - USA. 2016.08.16-2016.08.17 will play the women's volleyball quarter-final. 2016.08.19 00:00-02:00 Semi-final. 2016.08.19 09:15-11:15 Semi-final. 2016.08.21 09:15-11:30 Final.

Matters needing attention

Watch the game pay attention to reasonable arrangement of time, refueling for the Chinese team ↖(^ω^)