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One day travel guide

2018-02-19 00:00:00

Brief body in, of course to understand the scenic spots. It can be said that it is a sign, and many people will come all the way for the swim. If you're pressed for time, how do you do it? This experience will introduce you to the one-day tour guide. There are a lot of scenery is a great relationship with time, some people climb only to see the sunrise, so if it is a day trip and do not want to miss the sunrise then it is recommended to climb at night. The temperature at night is relatively cool, do not think that it does not matter if it is not cold below, the temperature above is not what you can imagine, it is best to rent a coat in the middle of the mountain, because the price is high above. If you climb around five o 'clock, you will also take a tent, because it is midnight when you climb to the top, you can rest in the south position, and climb at more than four o 'clock. After watching the sunrise, the time to go down is to enjoy the scenery, it is daytime, you can enjoy taking photos, and you will find incredible things - if it is a steep climb during the day, but at night it does not feel at all. In short, the mountain is very cold, and do not go near the mountain selling things without buying things, it is easy... You know. Have a good time.