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New regulations on the evaluation of professional titles will be promulgated in 2020

2018-03-18 14:24:55

For a long time, the title often affects the vital interests such as income and welfare, so it has been closely paid attention to by all levels and all types of engineering and technical personnel. According to the latest news, the title evaluation and new regulations, compared with the previous will have a great change, more or less affect the passing rate of talents, or affect the difficulty of title evaluation.


In 2019, the change of academic qualifications is relatively large, and will affect the evaluation of the title in the next year, taking engineers in the field of construction engineering as an example, after graduating from secondary school, engaged in professional and technical work for more than 15 years, or after obtaining the assistant level qualification, engaged in professional and technical work for more than 8 years, they can also be evaluated on the intermediate level. However, starting from this year, in addition to the following exceptions to declare conditions, secondary school education can not be assessed engineer titles: 1. The winner of the National Science and Technology Achievement Award. 2. Provincial (ministry) level science and technology achievement Award second prize or above the winner of the project. 3. The main completion person who has won the China Patent Excellence Award or above, Patent Excellence Award or Outstanding Inventor Award. 4. Technical talents identified as "Provincial traditional architectural masters". In fact, the requirements of the above exceptional declaration are still relatively high, and some honors, awards, patents, and awards need to be provided in their own evaluation fields, and the conditions and quantity will have more stringent evaluation criteria, which is "unreachable" for most ordinary people.


According to the title level, the current title is divided into three levels and five levels, namely: ● Junior title (technician, assistant engineer), ● intermediate title (engineer) ● Senior title (senior engineer, senior engineer) in the past, if you have a long working life, you can not be restricted by the junior title "step", directly declare an intermediate title review. But starting from this year, no matter what degree you are, even the highly educated people of the master's degree, want to pass the intermediate title review, but also from the junior title layer by layer "climb" up (except for doctor).


The submission of materials for examination and approval is more strict. The effort spent by each talent on the declaration of professional titles is no less than that of preparing for the college entrance examination. You need to prepare a lot of materials according to the requirements of professional title evaluation: ■ Continuing education certificate ■ title paper writing ■ Select the appropriate paper journals ■ Performance materials ■ Online system declaration ■ The specification of each evaluation form... In fact, it is not a matter of one day to successfully bid down, generally need to be collected 6-12 months in advance to avoid temporary lack of preparation, if you plan to declare the 2020 title review, you must start preparing now.