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How to prepare for starting a business?

2018-05-14 04:48:10

The art of war emphasizes not to fight unprepared battles, and the same is true of entrepreneurship. I have been entrepreneurial for many years, all the way sad, so far little achievements, and now share with you less detours to improve the success rate of entrepreneurship. 1. Choose an industry according to the field of personal excellence as the preferred industry, such as separate mountains, separate mountains to buy cattle will always make a mess, choose a familiar field is your business progress, the stepping stone to future development. 2. Prepare funds Here to explain the funds, funds are divided into three parts: funds for production, funds in hand, and spare funds. For example, the purchase of office equipment, the cost of water and electricity on the site, the cost of personnel, these are the funds in production, if there is no production, where will the income come from? Working capital, such as daily maintenance costs, computer breakdown, printers need to be replaced, activity funds are needed, some short-term investment projects, etc., this part of the capital can ensure the normal operation of the enterprise; The last part is the reserve fund, as long as it is the addition and supplement of the first two, the production capital chain is broken, the advertising investment is not enough, the computer needs to be replaced, otherwise it can not work, the sufficient reserve funds can ensure that an enterprise can survive the cold winter, even if the business is very bleak, it can also withstand a year and a half. 3. Registered enterprises can go to the industrial and commercial bureau of the district, to the bank to open an enterprise-level account, etc., these details you can personally personally, you can also find an agent to help you with one-stop service, you can wait for the business license in place at home, if you are willing to pay the cost. And give a name, the name is very important, it is best to find a feng shui master for you to measure the word, see whether the name is feasible, you can not believe it, but I believe it, spend some money in mind safe, business is to pay attention to a lucky. 4. What are the requirements for finding a suitable office space? How many people do you hire? Is your footprint reasonable compared to other similar industries? There is also the traffic problem, whether there is a parking space downstairs, whether it is convenient to eat nearby, and how are the security measures? In a word, if funds are tight, you can only choose a cost-effective point, which is determined by the parties themselves. 5. You can recruit employees to go to school recruitment, you can also recruit from the network, or recruitment agencies, etc., the way of employing people is very key, it is difficult for a person to do business, it is best that you have a confidant next to is the most perfect combination, Liu Bei Zhuge Liang, Cao Cao Xun Yu, Song Jiang Wu, therefore, a business boss next to also have a similar lieutenant, This kind of person is generally not recruited, is an old friend, bosom friend, wise person and so on. 6. After the training management and other enterprise personnel are in place, they should conduct certain training guidance, standardize the requirements of business skills, organize activities, etc. At this time, the enterprise needs to invite a trainer to conduct regular training in business, skills, psychology and other aspects, so as to create a team prototype. Summary of the above 6 points of preparation is not enough, how to accumulate social contacts, how to serve more people, accumulate more wealth is the problem that every enterprise is thinking about, perhaps, before the opening of the enterprise, these should be an entrepreneur should be prepared in advance, but everything is not 100% prepared, nine out of ten can do, on the road to entrepreneurship, can attack can defend, Luck, survival, development is the king of entrepreneurship.