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How to lose weight quickly and effectively just by doing 8 things

2017-12-31 16:00:00
How to lose weight quickly and effectively? In fact, if you want to quickly and effectively achieve the purpose of weight loss, the best way is to put some weight loss habits in daily life, so that it can be easily adhered to for a long time. The following editor summed up 4 things for you to master can effectively slim down.

"One ring" mind explanation: for example, fat children often lack self-confidence, psychological pressure, women who are too heavy are prone to depression, and fat men are often aggressive. So the first commandment is to let go of heavy thoughts. Many obese people feel unfulfilled and insecure in love and compensate for this lack by overeating. Psychological influence body fat and thin! If you do not remove emotional garbage from the heart, remove some fundamental behavior patterns, and constantly suppress yourself, even if you lose weight successfully, after a period of time there may be two results: there is an opposite force will rebound back, and the weight will rebound; Second, long-term depression, even thin people become very haggard, and even lead to depression. What you can do now: Accept yourself completely in your heart again and tell yourself, "I love you and will always love you no matter what you look like." When you unconditionally accept your appearance, your genetics, and its problems, being physically comfortable will return your mind to peace. When you have this mindset, weight loss will be carried out happily, because then you will not be too demanding on your body.


"Two commandments" blind explanation: diet pills, fruit meals, weight loss recipes, diet, no food after noon, acupuncture, cupping, you are not a look at what online prescription to lose weight, or listen to friends say what weight loss methods work, regardless of the thirty-seven to try, typical "fat emergency medicine"? In the face of various weight loss articles frequently appearing on the network, the doctor analyzed: "three days apple weight loss method" did not take into account the factors of nutritional balance, so that most of the minus is only water; "Ginger black tea weight loss method" uses the spicy ginger to make the body heat, improve metabolism, and achieve weight loss, but if the user suffers from gastrointestinal diseases, it may be aggravated by the stimulation of ginger. What you can do now: according to your experience, under what circumstances you are prone to obesity, find the "fat cause" and carry out your own natural adjustment; Or ask an expert to "look, smell and ask" for you.


"Three Commandments" gluttony explanation: Food balance is the basis of all our balance. After solving the basic "hunger", if you are still in order to satisfy cravings, satisfy oral desires, or vent depression and other emotional problems, blindly eating, it will lead to overeating, overnutrition, overweight and so on. You may sometimes face "fake hunger." Some people say that they have no "resistance" to dessert and cake, and will give themselves dessert every time they eat a full meal. Another said: "I can't open a food book without feeling hungry, even if I've just eaten." There are also people who "eat" in order to relieve trouble, eliminate anxiety, cope with stress, suppress anger and other situations. What you can do now: Get back to physical hunger, you can starve on a meal. When eating, don't Wolf down your food, eat slowly; No extra meals, no buffet.


"Four precepts" static explanation: static is relative to exercise, lethargy, sitting for a long time after meals, and laziness are all manifestations of a static lifestyle. Some people are genetically programmed to have a faster metabolic rate than others, while others' bodies are more efficient at storing fat, meaning those with the "fat gene" spend more time metabolizing calories than those with a faster metabolism. When the food into the body will become free fatty acids, want to metabolize this part of the heat out, obese people should consciously increase a little exercise, such as walking after meals, appropriate fitness and so on. Exercise to lose weight is a way that many people recommend to lose weight, because exercise can promote metabolism and consume excess fat in the body. However, obese people had better not choose to have an impact of intense exercise, such as fat machine, but should choose to ride a bicycle, jogging, swimming and so on. No matter what kind of physique, want to lose weight, proper exercise is necessary! Now many weight loss institutions provide "by exercise" weight loss method, for people who want to be thin and lazy to move, but in fact, "stop static" most of the time is our own ability, like do not sit immediately after a meal, standing for 15 minutes; Ten minutes away, no need to drive!"