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How to change music on campus radio

2018-02-19 03:12:00

The campus radio system itself stores some of its own music. It can be edited and played as needed. But it's been playing a long time. Much of the music is no longer attractive. At this time, we can choose to replace. The replacement method is as follows:


Campus radio DT 2880


In the off state, use the data cable to connect to the computer. Note: Be sure to perform in the shutdown state, otherwise the connection will not be successful. In the off state, the function of the machine is just a USB flash drive.


After the connection is complete, on the computer, we can see the connection success prompt. This is the same display as when we connected the flash drive. We double-click "Open USB flash drive" on the desktop. If it does not appear on the desktop, we can find "Removable Disk" in "My Computer" and double-click to open the line.


After opening, we can see the music stored in the campus radio. Usually in front of the class bell prompt or ready bell. Be careful when choosing to delete.


Delete the machine's own music: it is the case that its memory is small and the available space is insufficient. If you have a lot of space, we don't have to delete it. The method of deleting is: mouse over the music icon that you want to delete - select - right - delete.


Add new music: When we have the storage space, we can copy the prepared music to the machine disk. This is the same way we store music on a USB stick or MP3 player. It should be noted that when storing, we first rename the music, which is generally "serial number + song name". Such as: 046 children's songs - reading Lang. This name is so that we can edit the player and be recognized by the machine.


After the music is successfully stored in the radio player disk: close the window, exit safely, and unplug the data cable. At this time, we turn on the campus radio and can view the music we have stored on it. The viewing method is: hold down the exit key for more than 2 seconds - View memory - press the arrow key to view or directly press the number key to enter the music serial number to view. It should be noted that we need to remember the serial number of the music, so that it is more convenient when editing the player.