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How do college students manage to read 800 books in four years?

2018-02-19 06:24:00

College four years say not long say not short. Time flies, fleeting time, quickly passed. How to make good use of the university four years to learn more things, how to use their own university, how to make their own university more fulfilling has been a lot of just entered the university campus or has entered the university of senior brothers and sisters are most concerned about. However, setting yourself a plan to read 800 books in four years of college must be carefully planned


Love to read mentality


Give 800 books a good schedule for four years, 12 months a year, four years is 48 months, set a monthly reading schedule for yourself, which means that you will read 16 to 17 books a month. How much is it? Take reading 17 books a month for example! Then plan to day, a month is 30 or 31 days, that is to say, you need to read about half a book every day to achieve four years to read 800 books.


Read half a book every day, if you do not love reading, it is difficult to complete the possibility of reading 800 books in 4 years. So if you want to read 800 books in 4 years, you must love reading books, and you can stick to reading half a book a day. Only by doing what you love can you get twice the result with half the effort.


You must be able to read every day, young man! Like to play, or tired of the old, can not insist on doing one thing every day, even if they love this thing again, if tired or want to lazy, although love, but really can not stick to it. 800 books in 4 years is a lot! Only insist on reading every day, even if one day did not read more than half a book, it is better than no read!


Improve Reading speed Everyone's reading speed is different. Some people can read ten lines at a glance, and some people can read a page in 5 minutes or even 10 minutes, so if you want to read half a book every day, without affecting your other studies, you must improve your reading speed, so as to ensure that you have enough time to read books and entertainment and complete other studies every day. But you must not read too much for the sake of reading, and you must not skim over it, so that it is no different from not reading it.


Only if you think of reading as the first thing you need to accomplish every day, you will have a steady stream of motivation to make yourself read. Just like you have to eat every day, it has to be done every day. In this way, the goal of reading 800 books in four years will be closer and closer.


Find a quiet place suitable for reading a book reading a book to look at meditation to see faster harvest. If you read in a noisy place, it is likely that you will be affected by the things around you, which will lead to the quality of your book. So we should go to a quiet place to read quietly, so as to improve the efficiency of reading, for example, go to the library or the classroom to read, both of which are good places to read.


Reading alone is sometimes lonely, and sometimes it affects your willpower to read. Not like an appointment with one or two like-minded students and their own reading together to complete the goal of reading. If you are reading the same book, you can also discuss and exchange ideas with each other after reading. Can also remind each other to read, don't be discouraged, find a companion is not better.


Use all the free time in your college there are many things to do besides reading books, your professional classes, and homework. You have social events to talk to or other things to take care of. This is the time to use all the trivial time to read. Taking the bus for a long time, if you do nothing is not a waste of time, this time you can make full use of reading. Of course, it's best not to do this, because it's bad for your eyes. The environment is also noisy. However, I believe that when I fall in love with books, I can shield everything around me and put myself in a relatively quiet environment.

Matters needing attention

Reading must be summarized in time, to read carefully, otherwise read more books are useless


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