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How can a novice Forex trader make a profit

2018-05-14 09:36:33



Nowadays, it is difficult for beginners to speculate in foreign exchange, especially if they want to sit in a stable profit, it is not easy. Now, under the background of global inflation, stage weakness of the international economy, the European Union debt crisis, and the rise of the third economy, the foreign exchange market has become turbulent, which has amplified the ups and downs of the foreign exchange market, which has brought infinite vitality to the foreign exchange investment, and ushered in the bullish and bearish trend. So novice currency speculation, and how to achieve stable profits? Here are some lessons.

Perfect trading model

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Perfect training method

Even if there is a simple and efficient trading model, it can not be stable profit, the reason is that you do not use the trading model, just like you have a good sword in your hand, but you do not know how to use the sword, you must constantly practice the sword, cultivate the feeling of the sword, the proficiency of the move, experience, and understand the advantages and disadvantages of the sword and so on; It takes special training for a trader to win


So how do you train?

So how do you train?

Historical case database training method:


For the trading model, there are thousands of historical case screenshots, combined together is the case database, classify these charts;


Classification according to form: single sawtooth case database, multiple sawtooth case database, platform case database, triangle case database, straight adjustment case database, shock city case database, contrarian peak base case database, contrarian breakthrough case database;


Classified according to operation success and failure: there are successful operation case database and failed operation case database;


According to experience classification, there are: stop loss experience case base, stop win experience case base, trading analysis experience case base and so on


Traders conduct 3-6 hours of chart reading training every day; Experience hundreds of cases every day, such experience is far more than 1-3 times a day of operating experience, experience can be rapidly expanded and accumulated;


Statistical probability data training method:


With a sufficient case base, you can proceed to the statistics of various data, the probability values of these data are decisive for the real operation, because the chart is based on various probability operations to obtain stable profits;


Statistics of the relationship between the single sawtooth and the golden section: I have statistical data is that as long as the sawtooth wave A reaches 38% position, then the sawtooth wave C83% probability is reversed at 61% position; This statistic allows the trader to estimate the inflection point of the single zigzag adjustment wave in advance;


Another statistic is that when the single sawtooth wave A is less than 38% position, usually the single sawtooth wave C will reach the 38% to 50% position reversal, this probability is also high, is 84% probability


If the trader quickly mastered a variety of statistical data, then the operation will increase the rich probability experience, and will not blindly lead to failure, or do not comply with the trading discipline and other problems; If there is no statistical data support, traders need long-term practical trading to obtain probability experience, the trader's experience is actually experienced after long-term actual combat, the fuzzy statistical cases that have happened, and slowly formed probability experience; If you take this road, it takes a long period of time to form a practical transaction, usually at least 1-2 years;


Mutual guidance error correction training:


The prerequisite for this training method is that there are several colleagues who use the same trading model, and in a real trading analysis, all of them jointly analyze one or more varieties. At the same time, everyone exchanges their own analysis experience and sentiment, everyone summarizes or statistics 1 experience, then 10 people have 10 experiences, and a person needs 10 people to spend time to do it, so the relative growth rate is slow. In this way, we can correct each other's mistakes and enrich their experience, which will inevitably bring extraordinary progress quickly.