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Hailing Island Travel guide

2018-03-09 20:48:00

Hailing Island is the fourth largest island, connected with the land by the bridge, the island is developed for the purpose of tourist scenic spots, and the environment is beautiful and clean. A few days ago, I just went to the seaside - gate slope, to introduce friends who want to travel.


Travel time: Hailing Island seaside travel time is best in summer and autumn season, the weather is beautiful, the sea is also beautiful, I went in July, July weather is still relatively cool on the island, will not be particularly sun.


Scenic spot tickets: Hailing Island gate slope tickets include polar world tickets about 100 yuan, excluding 51 yuan/person


Nearby, there are tourist resorts and various theme hotels at all levels of price


The scenic area can swim, adult swimming area and children's swimming pool, and the depth of more than 1.5 meters of seawater swimming pool, which has small sea fish oh.


Balance bridge over water. The saltwater pool built on the beach has a variety of balance Bridges, for us to challenge, difficult and easy, his trick is not to look at the current under the foot, or dizzy, eyes ahead carefully under the foot is no problem.


Water slide, giant bowl slide, experience the feeling of falling from the sky. At the height of six stories, it's so exciting. It's like a roller coaster. Remind you to protect the head and pinch the nose, the nose water is too uncomfortable.


Sea parachute, sea motor boat. Of course is a separate charge, the sea parachute can be experienced, 1-3 people can, it is amazing, in the sky do not forget to look at the foot of the sea and the beauty of the surrounding.


Food, in the scenic area around a lot of gear, 2 people 100 yuan no problem, mostly seafood, if you do not like, you can also drive 1 hour to land to find characteristic teahouse, teahouse is characteristic, soup dumplings, steamed dumplings, pastries, siu mai is very characteristic.