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Four basic ways to declare professional titles

2018-03-18 11:12:01

There are four main ways to obtain professional titles, which are review, examination, identification and evaluation. Different regions may have different provisions, but also according to their own actual situation to choose.


Evaluation of professional and technical titles is an expert evaluation committee formed by the personnel department to comprehensively evaluate whether a person has passed according to the declaration materials of professional and technical personnel. It is the most traditional and common declaration method. Papers and proof of performance are usually submitted in this way. Take the application of intermediate title as an example, the applicant needs to submit the following materials: "Professional and technical Position Evaluation Form"; ⒉ Professional papers; C. identity card; 4. Graduation certificate; 5. Proof of performance; 6. Recent bareheaded ID photos; 7. Examination of continuing education hours.


Evaluation on behalf of examination (examination) means that in the professional series that has implemented the unified examination of professional and technical qualifications at the corresponding level, the identification and evaluation of the qualifications of professional and technical posts at the corresponding series and levels are no longer carried out, and the relevant professional and technical personnel will obtain the corresponding professional and technical qualifications by participating in the examination. Those who declare in this way can obtain the corresponding title as long as they pass the examination results. In accounting, auditing, economics, statistics, health, shipping, translation, pharmaceutical industry and other 8 series of primary and intermediate professional and technical qualification assessment, computer and software series of primary, middle and senior professional and technical qualification assessment, are implemented in the test assessment.


The identification of professional title refers to the graduates in the profession or similar professional and technical posts to meet a certain number of years, submit some basic materials, can obtain the corresponding title (except for the unified examination of the profession), is the simplest assessment method. In general, junior college graduates and work for at least three years, undergraduate graduates and work for at least one year, can be identified as junior titles (assistant level).


The combination of evaluation and evaluation is a model that combines examination and evaluation. In the combination of evaluation, the test and evaluation are not in parallel order, but in sequence. The professional and technical personnel who need to declare must first participate in the examination organized by the State and reach the required scores before they can enter the next stage - applying for evaluation. After passing the evaluation, professional and technical qualifications can be obtained, and neither is necessary. At present, this way of title evaluation is not very popular, most of them are used to evaluate senior titles. For example, the city's senior statisticians and senior accountants are assessed in this way.