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"Falling Dragon 18 Palm" heart law internal force clever collocation

2018-05-14 08:00:36

The mind method is a system only after the new update of "Falling Dragon 18 Palms", but there is no doubt that if it is used well, it is also a growth point of strength. Today we will explain the mind method related to internal force values. At present, the most common source of mind Fa is obtained through daily tasks, and there is a chance to open the warrior Fu bag. There are "prefecture-level" and "Tian-level" mind bags, which can open different minds, here I mainly introduce the main general's mind configuration. Each hero can be equipped with a maximum of 5 mental powers at the same time, and the master is no exception. In the Eighteen Palms of the Dragon, the master general is generally the main output point, so when equipping the Master general with the mind method, it is also necessary to focus on the output.


Jilong 18 palm SJC1121


The Lord will recommend heart method one: Hot Wheels. At the beginning of the battle, the first shot attack interval is reduced and the attacks are increased. The ratio here is based on the level of the Hot wheel, the higher the level, the higher the percentage increase.


The Lord will recommend heart method two: the rabbit dies and the fox is sad. Every time a teammate dies (resurrection counts), attacks increase in the next turn, without stacking. Again, the percentage increase is related to the level of mind.


The Lord will recommend Mind Method three: North Ghost God Gong. Each attack, reduce the target attack, while increasing their own attack power of the same proportion, can be stacked.


The Lord will recommend Mind Method four: Arhat boxing. In battle, increase the attack of Level * Potential *2 (this is the value of the third Arhat fist, depending on the level of mind).

Matters needing attention

Combining theory with practice