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Egg sauce bread

2018-02-18 12:48:00

Since I learned a way to eat white fried eggs with bread here, I like it very much, and when I think of it, I will cook it and eat it. It is said that for many Americans, this combination is also one of the most missed foods after illness - many American mothers make this white egg with white bread without any seasoning, for children who just have a little appetite after a cold to eat.


However, because the egg yolk in this practice is not fully fried, people who are worried about unsanitary should not try it, and be careful not to give it to pregnant women or too young children. Before I also refused to eat not fully cooked eggs, but since one time I ate a soft boiled egg, I slowly fell in love with it, the taste is always changing -- when I ate something before it was almost as if it was not spicy, but now I don't feel regret for many days not to eat spicy, I didn't eat oysters before, but now I eat very beautiful, ha ha.


Egg sauce bread, which is my random Chinese name (I do not know the English name), is as follows:


Ingredients: Slice 1 piece of white bread and brown on both sides in the oven or frying pan.


Spray a frying pan with a thin layer of oil, turn on medium-high heat, and crack in an egg.


Cover the pot, listen carefully to the sound in the pot, and when you hear a sizzling sound, turn off the heat, and keep the pot on the stove for about 4 minutes -- many homes here in the United States use electric stoves, so you can use the waste heat of the electric stove to fry the eggs, if you use a gas stove, do not turn off the heat. Cook until the yolks are half set and half runny before turning off the heat.


This is fried (or baked) bread.


Dice the bread, put it on a plate, dice the fried egg, put it on the bread, dip the bread in the yolk and eat it, very delicious - it is said that the egg is easiest to digest when it is half-cooked.

Matters needing attention

If you do not want to fry eggs, you can take a small boiling pot, add water, put the eggs in, after the water boils, turn off the heat, cover the pot, stew for 3 minutes, remove the eggs, peel, probably the same effect.


Oh, by the way, about the failure of baking bread, I am not a master in baking, so I am not very experienced, but I have been relatively successful baking (including before there was no bread machine), I feel that when kneading dough must not be reluctant to force, to knead and knead for a long time, until what kind of film or what state, I was most impressed, I'm just trying to knead dough in front of a TV show, but then I bought a toaster and it saved me a lot of effort, and when things fall down, they can't be flipped, and then they come out and they bake, and it's just good bread. For more baking questions, check out plumcafe's "Baking Garden" section, where there are a lot of experts who know more than me and have a lot of recipes