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Curry is higher than Harden Westbrook, James shooting horrible

2018-03-18 04:48:04

Active game scoring list: Curry is higher than Harden Westbrook, James hit rate terror


Durant 27.2 points As the most outstanding scorer in active service, KD career has won the scoring title for 4 times. He also has the highest average score of any active player, playing 701 games in his career, averaging 27.2 points per game and shooting 48.7%.


Lebron James doesn't pride himself on scoring, but James' scoring ability is also historically top. Career 1061 games, can blow down 27.1 points per game, hit a terrible 50.1%.


Anthony 24.7 points As the most famous offensive kaleidoscope in active service, Sweet Melon career 975 games, can get 24.7 points per game, shooting 45.2%, even 34 years old he is still one of the league's best scorers.


Wade 23.3 points as a 5 cm short Jordan, the peak of Wade's ability to attack and Kobe first gear. He played 913 games in his career, averaging 23.3 points and shooting 48.5%.


Curry 22.8 points Meng God's scoring ability is ignored by many fans, he played 572 games in his career, can get 22.8 points per game, this data is the fifth highest among active players, but also the highest point guards, the shooting rate of 47.6%.


Westbrook 22.7 points to gain this season's scoring title for Westbrook is almost a matter of the board, and his career in 650 games, can score 22.7 points per game, shooting 43.4%, the next few years his average score will continue to rise.


Lillard is the quintessential offensive point guard, and scoring has never been difficult for him. He has played 396 games so far, averaging 22.4 points per game and shooting 43%.


Davis is undoubtedly the most promising young player, but also the most talented big man. He has played 335 games so far in his career, averaging 22.4 points and shooting 51.3%.


Harden 22.2 points As a reserve, his average points have risen all the way, and his average data will also rise year by year in the future. He has played 613 games so far in his career, averaging 22.2 points and shooting 44.2%.


Nowitzki 21.7 points old Driver is the most talented offensive big man in NBA history, as the only active Mr. 30,000 points. Nowitzki averaged 21.7 points on 47.3 percent shooting in 1,393 career games.