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Campus spread this APP how to play?

2018-02-19 01:36:00

Recently, primary and secondary schools are popular to play a joke APP called campus biography, many people do not know how to play? Below I share my own to you!


Campus biography, registration information ready, network, know the name of the school you are reading


First of all, download the "campus biography" software, search and download it directly, as shown in the figure


Then open the software, register an account, so that when you play later, it will be much easier.


Then go to the page and select your school. It is recommended to submit real ones so that you can interact with alumni from the same school. You tease someone, he can see it, but he just doesn't know it's you.


Click on the bottom right of the page, similar to the post bar post button. Enter the page for editing the teasing content, as shown in the picture. Then click [Send]


If you see inappropriate content, you can make complaints, etc., as shown in the figure.


You can change your profile picture to make fun of it. Don't want to be found out, change the profile picture and continue to tease. You can also set a gesture password, so no one will find out.

Matters needing attention

This is just a teasing software, everyone's words and deeds can not cross the line, purely entertainment nature, to relax the mood, self-regulation.