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Big nine lake play guide

2018-02-18 17:36:00

Dajiuhu National Wetland Park is located in the forest area of Jiuhu Town, covering an area of 5083.5 hectares. In 2006, it was approved by the State as a national wetland park, the first subalpine wetland park approved by the state so far, the fourth national wetland park, and included in the list of National Important wetlands. The Dajiuhu wetland land is in the transitional area from the middle subtropical zone to the north subtropical zone in China. Due to the relatively high altitude, the temperature here is warm and cool, with an average annual temperature of 7.4 degrees and an average temperature of 18.8 degrees in the hottest month (July). The time is short, the temperature is cool, the frost-free period is short, the winter is long and the summer is short and the spring and autumn are connected, it is a typical sub-alpine swamp wetland climate, and it is a paradise for summer tourism and vacation. The Dajiu Lake is now an important source of the South-to-North Water Diversion project. In order to protect the Dajiu Lake wetland from being damaged by pollution, the transfer system is now implemented in the Dajiu Lake scenic area. Motor vehicles are prohibited from entering the scenic area. All unified in Pingqian ancient Town tourist service transfer. Inside the scenic area is an environmentally friendly small train. This guide is provided by Dajiu Lake Impression Town Inn, hoping to help the guests who come to Dajiu Lake, and can also provide relevant suggestions, so that later people have a better tour guide.


Warm reminder


Remember to bring a coat when visiting the Big Nine Lake scenic spot, the temperature here will not exceed 30 degrees all year round. Sunscreen. Charger, ID card, etc


Transfer system: scenic bus + environmentally friendly small train transfer ticket price: The scenic area of Dajiuhu Wetland Park is unified in Pingqian ancient Town tourist service for transfer. Transfer ticket price 60 yuan per person, including back and forth scenic bus and small train (if you buy a single ticket price of 120 yuan per person, the ticket is valid on the day. Usually, tourists will buy a pass for the whole scenic area, 269 yuan per person, valid for five days) Transfer time: the first bus departs at 5:00 am every summer, and the bus leaves half an hour before 7:00. There's a train 20 minutes after 7:00 or as soon as it's full. (The first train leaves at 4:30 on summer high temperature holidays). The last train leaves for the scenic area at 5 p.m. every day. The latest trip from Dajiu Lake Scenic area back to Pingqian Ancient Town is 8:30 p.m. Adjusted for the time of the season. It takes about 20 minutes from Pingqian Ancient Town to enter Dajiu Lake scenic area and transfer to a small train.


Great Nine Lakes scenic spots: Great Nine Lakes scenic spots include: Wetland Hall, Carp Rock, Nine Lakes, Deer Park, viewing platform, Tang Dynasty tomb, dead wood in spring, beauty, water hole, Big tree dam, Mother's grave, Nine Lakes Square and other scenic spots.


Great Nine Lake scenic area play route: Great Nine Lake scenic area play according to their own time to decide the play route. If you are in a hurry, you can start playing from the innermost scenic spot first, that is, from far to near. In the transfer do the small train directly at the last stop. Then enter the scenic area through the gate of the lunch service (this part is a boardwalk). First of all, enter the viewing platform from the left side to play, where you can basically shoot the panorama of nine Lakes. Then go down to the observation deck to play the Tang Dynasty tomb, enter the innermost dry wood. Then return to see the beauty, to the water hole, Lake 9, Lake 8. Exit the gate (Lake 7 on the left, Deer Park on the right). Then 765432 goes back. Taking pictures at the lake is very beautiful, the blue sky and white lake trees are reflected in the water, which has a unique charm. Small trains are available on the go, you can walk to play on your own can also do small train sightseeing. The Wetland Hall is close to the small train interchange. You can choose to visit, transfer and return after arrival. If time is not tight, you can take the Wetland Museum as the first stop, and then go to the square to watch (carp Rock can be seen in the square), Lake 234567 to play. When playing, you can choose to walk and play slowly. Then enter from the lunch supply to play inside. Play strategy as above. After coming out to the deer Park to play, then return from the deer Park side, through the big tree dam, Niangniang grave, 9 size, 8 size, 7 size...... Return to transfer. The tour basically goes around the Great Nine Lakes.


Accommodation notice: At present, the Dajiu Lake scenic area implements a comprehensive transfer system, and all accommodation is in Pingqian Ancient Town. When entering the scenic area to play, you can book the wine first, put the luggage into the scenic area to play after drinking. If you arrive at Pingqian Ancient Town around noon, you can eat lunch in the town before entering the scenic spot.