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Beijing-guangzhou high-speed rail flying eight hours along the travel guide

2018-02-18 16:00:00

Beijing-guangzhou Expressway is a high-speed passenger dedicated line, the Beijing-Guangzhou passenger dedicated line is roughly the same as the existing Beijing line, from 、、、、, with a total length of about 2230 kilometers. The Beijing-Guangzhou high-speed railway is divided into Beijing-Shi, Shiwu and Wu-guang three sections of construction, Wu-Guangzhou high-speed railway has been opened, the other two ends are under construction, by 2012, the full line is completed and opened to traffic, the design maximum speed of 350 kilometers per hour, then only 8 hours from the "fly" to arrive, and the old Beijing-Guangzhou line will be dominated by trucks. Beijing-guangzhou high-speed rail flying eight hours along the travel guide nine birds people landscape scenic spots and cultural relics both. The Three Gorges of the Yangtze River is famous in the world, 72 peaks toward the top, 24 streams of water, and the Taoist Wudang Mountain, known as the "first mountain", is a sacred place for Taoism. Yellow Crane Tower Park, Three Gorges Dam tourist area, Three Gorges Family Scenic area, Wudang Mountain Scenic area, Shennongxi bridge cultural tourist area are five national 5A scenic spots in the province. The mining and metallurgy culture has a long history, and the National Mining Park is the first national mining park in China, with "the first sinkhole in Asia". The provincial capital commonly known as "big", Beijing-Guangzhou, Beijing-Kowloon, Wu-nine, Handan 4 trunk lines, as well as Beijing-Zhuhai, Shanghai-Chengdu and other 6 national highways meet here, has now become one of the four major transportation hubs. It is about 1000 kilometers away from ,,,, and other Chinese cities. After the opening of the Beijing-Guangzhou high-speed Railway, it takes about 4 hours to travel from north to south. It is the heart of China's economic geography, connecting the east with the west, the north with the south and the four directions. There are three railway stations in total: Station (HSR Station), Station, and Hankou Station. The station is located in Yangchunhu District, which mainly undertakes high-speed train transportation and is an important station of Beijing-Guangzhou high-speed railway. The station, also known as South Station or Wunan Station, is located on District Road and is mainly served by ordinary express trains. Hankou Station, located on District Development Avenue, is also mainly operated by ordinary express trains. Data show that the history of the railway station is not long, began construction in 2006, and opened to traffic in 2009, the building won the honor of "2012 International Architecture Award" issued by the Chicago Athenaeum Architectural Design Museum, the overall design to "millennium crane return" as the theme, highlighting the characteristics of the meaning of the millennium yellow crane, has descended. The 60-meter roof protruding from the middle of the building, with nine eaves arranged, symbolizes the geographical location of the thoroughgate in nine provinces. The journey recommended only 2 hours of express train to arrive now the water and land transportation is convenient, the Yangtze River HuangDao, is one of the eight major ports of the river, Shanghai and Chongqing, Jiaozhi in this rendezvous, and 318, 329 and other national roads, Shanghai-Chengdu high-speed, but also the west gas east, west power east transmission of important channels. There are airports, all over this, or through this to the Three Gorges, Wudang Mountain, travel is very convenient. "You can also combine the fast speed of high-speed rail travel with the slow cruise of a trip to the Three Gorges," Hu said. Of course, another important tourism theme can not forget Wudang Mountain, in addition to the Three Gorges tour, Wudang Kung Fu is also an important tourism brand in the province to attract inbound tourists. Provincial market deputy Zhang Min introduced that from Wudang Mountain is very convenient, can be in the Fujiapo long-distance bus station, Hankou Road or Hankou railway station opposite the long-distance bus station directly by high-speed bus about 5 hours can direct Wudang Mountain high-speed exit, that is, the gate of Wudang Mountain scenic area, the cost of about 150 yuan; You can also take a bullet train or ordinary train from the railway station about 6 hours to Wudangshan station, ordinary train 70 yuan, bullet train 160 yuan. After arriving at Wudang Mountain station, there are many high-speed buses in the square to Wudang Mountain Scenic area, which can go directly to the scenic area in 20 minutes. At present, "with the development of transportation, there are other tourism that is beginning to surface, such as the Grand Canyon." Provincial deputy Hu Liming introduced that the previous traffic is very inconvenient, but now there is an airport, if it is a long way tourists, from the entry is the best path. There are no bullet trains or high-speed trains, but it takes only two hours to get there by express train. You want to know "living Tujia, Miao, Han, Dong and other 27 ethnic groups." Surrounded by mountains, beautiful natural scenery and unique folk customs have been preserved. The beauty lies in the natural landscape and ethnic customs. The terrain here is mainly mountainous, karst landform is developed, and many karst caves are dissolved. Besides, the waving dance here is very national." "If I take a vacation by myself, I will also consider it," Mr. Hu said. It is worth mentioning that the cherry blossoms of the university as well as the local cuisine are tourist attractions. In addition, sesame sugar is very famous.