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5 Ways to Get your butt up

2018-02-19 16:00:00

The OL who sits for a long time is most likely to form a wide hip and fat buttocks, not only that, the hip curve will gradually sag and slack up, so you need to develop a good habit, so that your hips will always maintain an upward tight line. Today, Xiaobian will introduce five good habits for you to prevent sagging hips, and everyone will follow suit to ensure that you are also tight.


To prevent sagging buttocks method 1: shallow sitting forward rule To prevent sagging, light sitting on the chair is not enough, you need to keep the fold line under the hip just at the edge of the chair position, while the hip force to maintain a slightly forward posture, so that the buttock muscles in a tight upward extension direction, to prevent sagging buttocks.



Prevent buttock droop method two: Step up the buttock back using the rest time of work, the feet open ten centimeters, hard clamp the buttock at the same time, the body back to the maximum, maintain ten seconds after the return, and repeat the same action, repeat 20 times. Finish with a gentle tap on the buttocks to help firm them up. This move will not only prevent sagging hips, but also correct the pelvis that is tilted forward from sitting for too long.


Method three to prevent sagging buttocks: Clamp the knee pad foot shallow sit in a chair, the two knees close together, while standing on tiptoe. Maintaining this movement for a long time can help you get rid of the bad habit of crossing your legs, and at the same time slimming down your legs. Of course, the key is to prevent sagging hips and keep them firm and upward.


Prevent sagging method four: When tapping the buttocks clamp the buttocks, there will be a depression on both sides of the buttocks, and after finding the buttocks to maintain a relaxed state, tapping the two depressions with your fist can eliminate the fat on both sides of the buttocks for a long time, and the buttocks are more concentrated and tight, keeping the buttocks upward.


Prevent buttock droop method five: Strengthen the buttock muscle exercise what action can best exercise the buttock muscle, so that the buttock to keep tight? In fact, it is very simple, just repeat the tightening and relaxing of the hips. Hold the butt firmly for 10 seconds, then relax for 5 seconds, and then tighten again. As long as you insist on two or three days, you will find that the hips are more tight, and the hips will not sag when you look at the side.