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20 common questions and answers about high school students

2018-05-15 06:24:05

High school students will always have such problems in learning, how to face and solve these problems, the following article will bring you some gains. Excellent education network Xiaobian for everyone to sort out the relevant information: high school students about learning 20 common questions and answers 1. Has the potential been tapped out? A: Experiments have shown that about 80% of the "virgin land" of the human brain is yet to be developed. It is said that Einstein, the scientific superstar who has achieved great achievements across time and space, only used 30 percent of his brain's potential. It can be seen that the human brain can withstand and its potential energy is an inexhaustible wisdom for each person's life, which is relatively in infinite time and space and its very short. 2. I think as long as the grades are maintained in the first year of high school, there is no need to put a lot of effort to fight for the first place, to the second and third year of high school, and then work harder on the original basis, this understanding is correct? A: This understanding is not correct, in the high school not only to maintain the results, at the same time, on the basis of the original put forward higher requirements. Because learning is like sailing against the current, not to advance is to retreat, the idea of stagnation is not enough, what's more, the first is relatively speaking, there are mountains outside the mountain, there are buildings outside the building. Even if you have won the first in the class, there is no reason to self-satisfaction, high school is a good time to lay the foundation, must not relax yourself, in addition, you also need to develop all aspects of their quality, learning is only one aspect. 3. At present, there is my biggest shortcoming is lazy, willpower is not strong, if someone talks around, I will participate in it, what method should be used to correct? A: The right remedy is the right remedy. You have found your weakness, which is also a sign of progress. To change the habits of "lazy" and "love to talk", the key lies in the will, you have clear their disadvantages, this is the premise of correction, in the future, to remind yourself, if not corrected the situation will only get worse and worse, at the same time, establish a model of their own learning, in addition, you need to arrange a compact learning plan, so that they can always have something to do. Reduce the opportunity to make mistakes, and strive to improve their self-control, as long as this, after a period of time, there will be a great change. 4. The learning methods of mathematics, physics and chemistry are not good enough. How can we improve them? A: (1) Develop an interest in the subject; (2) Pay attention to the derivation process of formulas and theorems and understand their essence; (3) The necessary amount of practice, practice is not the goal, but the means of mastering theorems and formulas; (4) Remember a few typical exercises, draw a lesson from one example, the key is to think more. 5. Many people say that girls are dumber than boys in high school. Is that true? A: This statement is obviously wrong, scientific research shows that, on the whole, men and women in the level of intelligence and there is no difference, but because of the difference between men and women, will lead to intelligence each has its own characteristics, each has its own advantages, in the characteristics of thinking, boys have a little advantage in abstract thinking, and girls in the image of thinking and a chip over boys. However, specific to a person's intelligence level is still different, but it can not be concluded that women are not as good as men, and the physiological difference can not become the reason for the level of intelligence, only it is only the physiological basis for the difference in intelligence characteristics. Just imagine, Madame Curie's achievements, and how many men sigh, envy. From the reality point of view, it is true that some high school girls' grades have declined, but this is not caused by intellectual factors, but by non-intellectual factors, let alone this is not a universal phenomenon, in fact, girls in the intelligence level of more than boys in the case of countless, in addition, any student, with the expansion of knowledge, intelligence is a trend of development. To high school girls will become stupid obviously there is no scientific basis, of course, we also have to see that high school girls in the physiological changes are larger than boys, will bring adverse effects on learning, therefore, girls need more efforts, need more self-control than junior high school. 6. I always feel like I don't have enough time. I wish I had 48 hours in a day. A: For a student with a strong thirst for knowledge, will feel the time is very tight, remember Mr. Lu Xun once said, time is like water on a sponge, as long as there will be crowded, but crowded time also need to talk about methods, formulate a practical plan, so that they do anything in mind, which is the first condition of economic arrangement of time, at the same time, It is necessary to make it clear that the implementation process of the plan is a process of hard work, to reflect on themselves often, whether it has been carried out according to the plan, whether it has specific measures to implement the plan, if the plan is not completed on time, it is necessary to analyze whether it is subjective or objective reasons, if it is because the plan has not been carried out subjectively, or has persisted for a period of time because of the lack of strong will and give up halfway. It is necessary to strengthen the cultivation of willpower, if the above reasons are not, then it is necessary to make necessary modifications to the plan, because the feasibility of the plan is the premise to ensure the completion of the plan, and their subjective efforts are the key to the completion of the plan, if the above two points are achieved, and some effective scientific methods can be adopted. It is possible to achieve in 24 hours a day what used to take 48 hours of study. 7. I love to read some wonderful magazines. Whenever I come across a good magazine, I can't help but read it and ignore the others, which wastes some time. How do you think this habit should be corrected? A: Love to see some wonderful magazines, can expand their knowledge, develop their own interests, which itself is a very good thing, but as the saying goes, good things will become bad, such as reading a magazine but fascinated to ignore the other degree, will also be detrimental to your overall development, everyone will have their own interests, the same everyone will have their own shortcomings, If you want to make your own comprehensive development should put more energy on their weaknesses, not to mention the middle school is the time to lay the foundation, otherwise, there will be a risk of partial subjects, of course, their interests, strengths do not give up, in fact, the development of their own hobbies, does not necessarily need more time to ensure, because, interested in their own things, the effect is particularly good. Because you'll be keeping your concentration high. 8. In the evening self-study, sometimes the topic can not be done, always like to ask others immediately, hold in the heart uncomfortable, I also know that this habit is not good, not only affect others to learn, but also destroy the order of the class, so how can I do it? A: Under normal circumstances, quiet and orderly late self-study is the internal requirements of the school to strengthen the sense of discipline, at the same time, but also to encourage students to think independently, independent completion of homework to create a good objective environment, therefore, first of all to maintain school discipline, but learning to progress, good question is necessary, then, how to achieve this purpose? I think you should arrange the time to ask questions, master the skills of asking questions, you can do it in the extracurricular time, at the same time, you can not ask questions immediately after you do not understand each question, so that you will lose more opportunities for independent thinking. In the evening self-study, it is not to say that you can not ask questions at all, you can use the written question method, which can also allow students to have enough time and space to think. Remember that it is not advisable to ask the answer directly, it is best to ask some ideas and skills to solve the problem. 9. What is the effective study time in the day? A: The time in a day is limited, as students in addition to rest and other daily life time control, other time can be used for learning, generally speaking, can be guaranteed to about 10 hours, but the effective learning time should be a variable, and the level of effect will be different from person to place, due to time, nowadays, the competition among students, is the competition of efficiency, method, etc. A person's learning motivation, learning attitude, learning methods, as well as a person's interests, hobbies, emotions, will, character, conduct will affect the effectiveness of learning, therefore, improve the effectiveness of learning, increase the time is not the only means, the best way is to try to improve all aspects of their quality, especially a person's will quality. 10. Should I have correspondence with my classmates? If so, what is the best limit to maintain correspondence? A: The maintenance of the students can not be separated from the exchange of letters, let alone now is an open era, the key to the problem is how students communicate more conducive to the growth of both sides, the purpose of communication should be for the development of pure, at the same time should be around the task of middle school students, talk about some views on society, life, learning methods. From the point of view of the number of communications, to specific analysis of the situation, some students are often in a completely passive situation in the process of communication with classmates, that the letter must be often and more to appear friends, in fact, the empty letter to write less, it is best not to write, at the same time, you can also politely suggest to friends should pay attention to aspects. As long as you feel that writing letters is conducive to learning and progress, you can proceed appropriately, but you need to know that if you spend a lot of time on writing letters and put more thoughts on developing the emotional contact of friends, you will embark on the dilemma of not worth the loss.